WallachBeth Capital LLC

Introduction To WallachBeth Capital

WallachBeth Capital LLC is an institutional, ‘inter-market-broker’ providing non-conflicted trade execution and unbridled connectivity to the broad spectrum of professional trading market participants and expansive menu of exchanged-traded products.

We specialize in ETFs, listed equity options and index products, closed-end funds, OTC derivatives, listed and OTC equities, and non-US equities.

What Sets Us Apart…

The executive leadership of our firm provides (5) decades of trading market and order execution expertise that extends across all asset classes. We execute every customer order as if it were our own.

We execute for our customers, we don’t trade against them. We serve as advocates for institutional customers in the course of our leveraging both voiced-based brokering expertise and our connectivity to the wide array of electronic marketplaces.

We provide Unheralded Capital Commitment when reflecting the most competitive bids and offers extended by the world’s leading banks, principal trading desks, and market-makers.

Our only agenda is to utilize our vast resources, our investment product knowledge, our trading market savvy, and our expansive liquidity pool to secure the right price in the most efficient manner possible.

OptionS GROUp

The hedge for sophisticated traders and fund managers.


Liquidity at the right price for 1500+ exchange-traded products and CEFs

DelTA One group

For equity finance/repo desks and sophisticated fund managers.

Electronic TRADING group

DMA, Smart Order Routing, full menu of Algorithms and TCA.